Officially appointed as the new Titular Professor of the Cardiopnemology Department of FMUSP, on July 16th, Prof. Rogerio de Souza has received the garment of the academic rite at the solemn ceremony held on August 7th, at the FMUSP Theater.

The ceremonial table was composed by Prof. Roger Chamma, vice-director of FMUSP; Prof. Carlos Roberto Ribeiro de Carvalho, Titular of the Cardiopneumology of FMUSP; Prof. Paulo Hilário do Nascimento Saldiva, director of the Institutes of Advanced Studies (IEA) of USP and Titular of the Pathology Department of FMUSP; Prof. Roberto Kalil Filho, president of the Board of Director of the Heart Institute of HCFMUSP and Prof. Fábio Biscegli Jatene, vice-president of the Council of Directors of the Heart Institute of HCFMUSP.

The academic Godfather of the new Titular Professor was Prof. Carlos Roberto Ribeiro de Carvalho, who put on the cap and gown in Prof. Rogerio de Souza.