The Kids Save Lives Brazil has organized a training for professors, researchers and graduate students of FMUSP, besides some undergraduate students connected to the project. The people attending the training were capacitated to act in emergency cases of cardiorespiratory arrest and have had the opportunity of getting to know some more about the initiative.

The Representatives of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), the Campinas University (UNICAMP) and the National Institute of Cardiology (INC) have taken part in the training, held on August 13th, at the Abilities Laboratory of FMUSP, and coordinated by Prof. Naomi Kondo Nakagawa, of the Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy Department of FMUSP.

Beside the training, the Kids Save Lives Brazil has participated in a workshop organized by the Scientific Department of FMUSP, on August 12th, in which 200 High School students and College Applicants could have some contact with medical specialties.

The workshop was divided in four medical specialties for lay people – Anatomy, Propaedeutic, Surgical Sutures and Basic Life Support (BLS), the Kids Save Lives Brazil project was responsible for the last one.

The Kids Save Lives Brazil is a social insertion project, which teaches basic life support practices in individuals with cardiorespiratory arrest to students and teachers of basic education in the public schools of São Paulo.