The Museum of Contemporary Art of the Universidade de São Paulo (MAC USP) has received, on July 24th, the students from the Winter Schools of the Medical School of the Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP), besides the teachers and staff of the International Office – who organized the visitation.

The biologist Carlos Roberto Ferreira Brandão, Director of the MAC, has told the group some of the history of the museum, has presented the exhibitions on display and has said it was an honor to receive a group from the FMUSP. “I think it is very important that students from different fields come meet the MAC”, stated Brandão.

The visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art was guided by Prof. Evandro Nicolau, PhD in History of Art and who acts as a professional in the educational field. “I think it is interesting for the Brazilian University to be open for an exchange and for bringing the students to the MAC, to have contact with the culture and to educate humanized professionals”, declared Prof. Nicolau.

The student Sander Ruben, of the Leiden Universitair Medisch Centrum, located in the Netherlands, has said: “to be in Brazil is very good, the people are welcoming and the visits FMUSP is offering, not only the clinical ones, but also the cultural visits, are amazing”.

The Winter Schools is a program organized by the FMUSP to undergraduate students from medicine and other health related courses, Brazilian and foreigner students participate in two weeks of theoretical, practical and cultural classes.