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Edital FM - 805 - Groningen Summer Schools


Anunciamos o lançamento do Edital FM - 805 / 2018 - Groningen Summer Research, com um total 06 vagas para intercâmbio entre os meses de junho e julho. As inscrições vão de 29 de janeiro até 04 de março!

Para conhecer os requisitos, as condições, os documentos necessários e o calendário do processo seletivo, consulte o edital no Sistema Mundus (menu à esquerda > Editais > Graduação > 805, não é necessário fazer login) - http://bit.ly/1y991Vy

International Tropical Medicine Summer School (ITMSS) - Indonesia


Medical students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia,  on behalf of Muhammadiyah Medical Students' Activities are delighted to present you the leading and the biggest annual summer school in Indonesia that will be stepping on its 14th year: International Tropical Medicine Summer School (ITMSS) "Let's Talk About Indonesia's Tropical Medicine: An Update of Traveler Disease and Its Safety"


International Tropical Medicine Summer School is an annual summer school event focusing on tropical medicine and is a prestigious program for medical school from around the world to join. This summer school will be held on July 30th – August 17th 2018. We will give every medical student an opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the emerging tropical medicine diseases through lecture held by experts that cover the most important topics of tropical medicine, laboratory findingshospital visits, varied with social program activities including going to cultural places in Yogyakarta such as the Sultan Palace (Kraton Yogyakarta), Borobudur Temple as one of UNESCO World Heritage, Ramayana Ballet performancesBeach Camp, Rafting, and we still have many more to offer. Participants will also experience a cross-culture event on our International Night to get engaged with other medical student around the globe. Throughout the program, participants will stay with host families whom are students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.

We will be accepting 40 medical students this year. The registration fee is only EUR570 with social program or EUR430 without social program, both price covers food and acomodation during the program.

If you decide to apply, please fill out the application form (http://tiny.cc/FormITMSS14) and be sure to read our conditions (http://tiny.cc/GuidelineITMSS14). If you have any question(s) regarding the program, please do email us to itmss.mmsa@umy.ac.id

Deadline for the 2nd Batch is on 28th of March, so what are you waiting for? Time is ticking, so go get your chance!