Medicina USP



Exchange Program  for Medical Students 

(Deadline: May 5th, 2017)

Faculty of Medicine of USP (FMUSP) offers international students various ways to study, not only as full-semester students but also as short-term students such as clinical rotations or guided visits. A large number of international students in the past have enjoyed studying at Brazils' most prestigious University and learning about our culture.


Students from partner institutions (those who have a formal agreement with FMUSP) have priorities for choice. Check here if your institution has an agreement with us. 

If you have questions about the application requirements or process please send a single email to:

Douglas Bartholomeu


Exchange between January and July: application from August, 1st until October, 15th

Exchange between July and December: application from March, 1st until May, 5th.

Application Process

If you want to attend this program, follow the steps below:


Before the Application:

STEP 1: Requirements and List of Documents;

STEP 2: Study Options - List of Courses available for exchange students;

STEP 3: How to apply;


After Acceptance:

STEP 4: Mandatory Documents - Student Visa, Health Insurance and RNE

STEP 5: Student Support;

STEP 6: Welcome to FMUSP!


Historical World Map of Incoming Students (2002 - Present)