Medicina USP



Exchange Program  for Medical Students 

(Next application opens on March 1st, 2017)

Faculty of Medicine of USP (FMUSP) offers international students various ways to study, not only as full-semester students but also as short-term students such as clinical rotations or guided visits. A large number of international students in the past have enjoyed studying at Brazils' most prestigious University and learning about our culture.


Students from partner institutions (those who have a formal agreement with FMUSP) have priorities for choice. Check here if your institution has an agreement with us. 

If you have questions about the application requirements or process please send a single email to:

Douglas Bartholomeu


Exchange between January and July: application from August, 1st until October, 15th

Exchange between July and December: application from March, 1st until May, 5th.

Application Process

If you want to attend this program, follow the steps below:


Before the Application:

STEP 1: Requirements and List of Documents;

STEP 2: Study Options - List of Courses available for exchange students;

STEP 3: How to apply;


After Acceptance:

STEP 4: Mandatory Documents - Student Visa, Health Insurance and RNE

STEP 5: Student Support;

STEP 6: Welcome to FMUSP!


Historical World Map of Incoming Students (2002 - Present)