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FMUSP and IMT researchers’ study make Nature’s cover

Eight researchers from São PauloMedical School and IMT (Tropical Medicine Institute) are the authors of thepaper “Establishment and cryptic transmission of Zika vírusin Brazil and the Americas”, cover of volume 546 of the Nature journal. Headedby professor Ester Cerdeira Sabino, the team is composed by professors AluísioAugusto Cotrim Segurado, Anna Sara Levin and Maria Cássia Jacintho MendesCorrêa, from FMUSP; by IMT researcher Tania Regina Tozetto-Mendoza and bypostgraduate students Ingra Morales Claro (FMUSP), Antonio Charlys da Costa(IMT) and Flavio Milagres(FMUSP).


As an outcome of aninternational collaboration (with the participation of Oxford University,Evandro Chagas Institute, Birmingham University, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, amongothers), the study had the main goal to help unveil the origin and epidemichistory of the ZIKV infection. In the research, the team generated 54 partialor total ZIKV genomes, the majority being from Brazil.    


The viral genomeanalysis, together with ecological and epidemiological data, allowed to projectthat the ZIKV was present at the northeast region of Brazil on February of 2014and, most likely, disseminated itself nationally and internationally before itsfirst detection in the country.