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The Graduate Exchange takes place through direct between the interested parties from the Faculty of Medicine of USP and the foreign institutions. The International Relations Office can assist in some cases, but the responsible body for this kind of cooperation is the Pró-Reitoria de Pós-Graduação da USP and the Comissão de Pós-Graduação da Faculdade de Medicina.


Mobility in Graduate Studies                        

Important: The whole mobility process should be done with the Graduate Service of the Faculty:

There are three categories of Mobilities. They are:

1- Mobility Program for Students from Foreign Graduate Institutions

Students regularly enrolled in Graduate Programs in other Higher Educations Institutions can attend to Graduate Disciplines as Special Student or carry out research internships. There is no application deadline, teh student can apply during the whole year. The process is mediated by a USP professor through the documentation presented to the Graduate Committee and to the Program Coordination Committee.

These documents are:

a)  Home Institution's letter attesting the link with the interested applicant;

b) Recommendation letter signed by a foreign professor addressed to the brazilian professor responsible for the program the student is applying for;

c)  Research Plan indicating teh beggining and the end of the project;

d)  Activities' cronogram to be perfomed at USP during the specified period.


In order to attend disciplines, consult the offering for this semester and the number of available vacancies per group for special students on the website: > Aluno Especial.

Attention: The enrollment process, the USP number, the ID cards' request (USP, BUSP, SPTrans), certifications and further administrative processes are made by the Graduate Secretary.

      2 -  Double-Degree

    Agreements of Master and Doctoral co-orientation aiming double-degree can be signed, since it is in accordance to the Graduate Pro-Rectory, Graduate Committee and the respective Program Coordinator Committee.


3 - Professional Training Program for Foreign Physicians – PCPME – (lato sensu):

This program belongs to the Escola de Educação Permanente do HCFMUSP. Further information: