Medicina USP



Faculty of Medicine of USP provides housing facilities for students, professors and reserchers inside our campus.The maximum stay at the "Housing" is 3 months, which can be extended for more 3 moths in exceptional cases.

The priority is for the undergratuate exchange students, whose home institution establishes an academic agreement with FMUSP. The remaining vacancies will be divided among the exchange students from the non-agreement Schools, by evidence of necessity, and among the international visiting professors, researchers, residents and postgraduate students. 

All the requests must be sent, at least two weeks in advance, to the e-mail: (the undergraduate students attending the Exchange Program don't need to send these documents).

Attention: Between June 30th and July 17th 2017, there is NO room available!

List of documents:

- Online Application Form sent by us; 

- Passport (identification page);

- A digital photo, in .jpeg (3cmx4cm);

- A letter attesting connection with HCFMUSP system.


Front of the Building Dormitory

Dormitory Dormitory

View from the Dormitory Living Room

Meeting Room Gaming Room

Rooms Kitchen

Laundry Housing's street