Integrated Centers for Academic Activities (CIAA)

The Integrated Centers for Academic Activities (CIAA) are multi and interdepartmental entities organized by the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP), with the collaboration of professionals from the Hospital das Clínicas of FMUSP, who develop actions of culture and extension, teaching and research. 

The Centers can be created by two or more departments that have the option of associating themselves, promoting greater interaction between their participants. Interdisciplinarity is voluntary and conscious, allowing to generate knowledge in a more comprehensive, diversified and integrated way. 

The CIAA can occupy a physical space or be virtual only. In this case, the implementation of interactions between departments will prevail. In addition to teachers, they may include other professional categories aimed at academic activities. 

They are administratively subordinate to the FMUSP Board of Directors and each Center will have a Director Council, an Executive Director and its own Rules of Procedure, with interdepartmental and interdisciplinary participation, to be approved by the Congregation. 

The filling of a new claro teacher (claro docente), destined to the Center by the Commission of Claro Teachers, will be done through public contest and they will be allocated in the contemplated department, although the academic activity of the teacher is predominantly in the Center. 

The CIAA will be officially represented on the CTA by a professor elected from among the Presidents of the Board of Directors. When appropriate, other Center teachers may be called, as guests, with the right to speak, without the right to vote. 

Each Center will undergo academic evaluation and this should be included in the Academic Project of FMUSP, the Academic Project of the Departments and the Individual Academic Projects of the professors involved.