VISA and Other Documents


Once the student has been accepted for an exchange period at USP Medical School, we will send him/her the Letter of Acceptance, which is necessary for the Visa request at the Brazilian diplomatic representation by the student in his/her home country. There are only two types of acceptable visas:

Student VISA (VITEM IV) - for the students who will stay more than 90 days at FMUSP;

Visitor VISA (VIVIS) - for the students who will stay less than 90 days. Some countries have visa exemptions: check here if it is your case.

To conclude the enrollment, the student must send to us a copy of this document.

Health Insurance

All the accepted students (more or less than 90 days) must send us, via e-mail, a copy of a health insurance that covers any eventual need.


RNM is a Foreigners Registration Number.You receive this number when you receive your visa validation at the Federal Police in Brazil. When the Federal Police stamp your passport with your visa, they will also give you a Protocol (this is equivalent to a temporary ID card) this will have your RNM number and can be used as proof of ID.


The CPF number (Cadastro de Pessoa Física) is the Individual Taxpayer’s Number and is required for many everyday transactions in Brazil, including opening a bank account, requesting the Hospital access card, subscribing to a mobile phone company and requesting the Public Transportation Card with Students Discount (Bilhete Único de Estudante).