At the Brazilian Congress of Ophthalmology, the CBO 2019, was held, on September 7th, the fourth edition of the InterOftalmo Cup of Knowledge, one of the activities with the goal of generating stimuli, fun and knowledge among the participants.

The Universidade de São Paulo team, composed of the residents (R3) Rodolfo Bonatti, Marcell Campos and Daniel Costa, has gained the first place, with 2.800 points. The Santa Casa da Misericórdia de São Paulo ended up in second place and has reached 1.600 points and in third place was the Escola Paulista de Medicina, with 1.400 points.

Divided in two steps, the activity has the participation of teams with three students each, of those who are part of the services of specialization courses accredited by the CBO. The audience is motivated to participate in the competition and this integration with the public makes the activity more dynamic.

The first phase, being a knockout stage, demands quick thinking and knowledge of the topic approached. The contesters answer to questions about specialties in a session opened to the public, including every aspect of ophthalmology. The answers and the audience participation take place through an interactive app, and the answers analyzes is in real time, which generates great expectations among the participants.

In the second phase, only the teams that got the best results in the first phase of the competition can participate. In this stage, the agility, the identification of correct answers and the willingness in answering them are decisive.The CBO Cup 2019 is one of the activities of the event which generates proximity among students of accredited courses of CBO around Brazil and aims to amplify the knowledge in a ludic and a very interactive manner.The Brazilian Congress of Ophthalmology took place from the 4th to the 7th of September, in Rio de Janeiro and the award of the InterOftalmo Cup of Knowledge was one of the most mentioned subjects.