The Hospital das Clínicas of the Medical School of USP counts on three new reinforcements on the fight against coronavirus, the telepresence robots. The new HC collaborators have already done triages in patients on the Liver Transplant Ambulatory, connected to the Liver and Digestive Tract Organs Transplant Division and to the Gastroenterology Division, which come from the street for respiratory issues or not.

A nurse is stationed further away and through the robot’s screen can attend the patients doing a first triage, not exposing themselves to the risk of contamination. Therefore, they can identify the patients with respiratory symptoms who are priority for attendance, identifying the isolation actions necessary.

The robots will also be used at the ICUs and nursing wards. When there is a patient in isolation, it’s necessary to minimize at most the entry of people in the patient’s room. Thus, the robot can be used by the nurses who can talk to the patient remotely, as well as for visits from the families who can be accomplished using this technology.

During the pandemic, many doctors will need to be removed, in home isolation. In this case, they can still contribute with their experiences by participating in distance meetings and case discussions.

According to the HACKMED director, Lilian Arai, who cooperates for the integration of startups and companies with technological solutions on the equipping of the Hospital das Clínicas during this COVID-19 crisis, the idea is to distribute robots for the whole HCFMUSP Complex. “We have three robots, but we would like to make many more available. Besides, we also seek the support of many companies which can collaborate on the implantation of the best technological resources aiming at less contamination risk and more efficiency in attendance”, says Lilian.