At the Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (HCFMUSP), the recovery and discharge of patients are celebrated and recorded by a team of volunteers coordinated by the Technical and Scientific Center for Humanization (NTH), called the “Time de Alta”. This is a group of collaborators, students from FMUSP and volunteers from several other schools and places who accompany the moment of the patient leave from the Central Institute of HCFMUSP.

Through photography and video, the Time de Alta records the farewell between the patient and the health team in the care unit and films a brief statement from the patient that reports the experience, as part of the hospital's memory in its long history of health care. At that moment, the patient receives a “Certificate of Bravery”, symbol of the effort of the entire front line of the hospital.

In one month of action, the Time de Alta followed 150 patient discharges, including the number 2,000. The statements can be checked in “Histórias Inspiradoras (Inspiring Stories)” section of HCFMUSP, a rich audiovisual collection documenting the result of the work and dedication of health care teams and the experiences of patients.

“Every health professional hopes one day to see his patient well recovered and happy. In the care of patients with Covid-19, this desire is reinforced in the fact that health professionals and patients are together in the fight against this disease that has struck society worldwide. In this context, each patient discharge is celebrated as an achievement of all of us against the pandemic", says Prof. Izabel Cristina Rios, from the Department of Legal Medicine, Medical Ethics and Social Medicine and Labor of FMUSP and Coordinator of NTH.

Time de Alta

Photo by: Eduardo Sato