The projects Virtual Man and Young Doctor, both from the Discipline of Telemedicine of the Medical School of USP, have created an objective video to explain to students and the general population the respiratory etiquette during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The video uses the resources of graphic computing in three dimensions of the Virtual Man, which consists in the development of dynamic, three-dimensional images of the structure of the human body. The images reproduce the components of the organism, allowing the comprehension of anatomy and physiology and explain the effects of social distancing and the use of masks for individual protection.

“This production is of great importance to the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in this moment in which the social flexibility is occurring”, states Prof. Chao Lung Wen, Associated Professor of the Pathology Department , Head of the Discipline of Telemedicine of FMUSP and creator of the Young Doctor project.

Through the Young Doctor project, the material is already being used by the elementary and middle schools and also in higher education in Santos, Balneário de Camoriú, FOB-USP Telemedicine, Barretos, São José do Rio Preto, among other places. In Santos, “the Education Secretary kept the project active, in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, for the importance of prevention in health and because we have our own interactive platform which enables creative and multitask education”, says Prof. Chao.

Watch it here.