The Oswaldo Cruz Academic Center (CAOC) presented the Ernesto de Sousa Campos Award to the best teachers and internships of the Medicine course, on December 18th, 2020, during the meeting of the Congregation.

Among the honored are the preceptors of Medical Education, Matheus Belloni Torsani and Marina Alves Martins Siqueira.

"I and Marina received a tribute from the board of CAOC and the students for our work in the preceptory of medical education this year, assisting the transition to remote teaching," said Dr. Matheus Belloni Torsani. "I thank the students, teachers, directors and especially my colleagues at CEDEM. The year 2020 was certainly atypical, but thanks to all the support we received, we were able to help teachers and students in this new situation. I reiterate my thanks to Prof. Milton, Prof. Patricia and my dear partner, Marina, for this special year".

Dr. Marina Alves Martins Siqueira also highlighted "I have only to thank for the recognition and opportunity to carry out all the work developed with great affection and purpose, together with students and professors from FMUSP. And a special thanks to my mentors Patricia Tempski and Milton Arruda Martins and to Matheus Torsani, who shared with me the preceptory and brought more lightness to this great mission".

Other teachers and internships also received the award (see the list below).

CLASS 108 (1° YEAR)


•First place: Fernanda Ortis

•Second place: Patricia Castelucci

•Third place: Alfredo Luiz Jácomo

Subject that best adapted to the EAD:

•First Place: Digestive System I

•Second place: DIC I

•Third place: UC3

CLASS 107 (2° YEAR)


•First place: Marisa Dolhnikoff

•Second place: Lisete Michelini

•Third place: Ana Escobar

Subject that best adapted to the EAD

:•First: Structural and Functional Fundamentals of the Cardiovascular System

•Second place: Respiratory System II

•Third place: Respiratory System I

CLASS 106 (3° YEAR)


•First place: Roberto Zatz

•Second place: Eduardo Mutarelli

•Third place: Alexander Jorge

Subject that best adapted to the EAD:

•First place: Endocrine II

•Second place: Urinary Tract Pathology

•Third place: Physiological Bases of Nephrology

CLASS 105 (4° YEAR)


•First place: Ana Cristina Tannuri

•Second place: Lisete Ribeiro Teixeira

•Third place: Luiz Henrique Martins Castro

Subject that best adapted to the EAD:

•First place (tied): Integration of the Main Diseases and Obstetric and Gynecological Situations (GO)/ Integration of the Main Diseases and Psychiatric and Neurological Situations

•Third place: Integration of Main Diseases and Clinical Situations - Clinical Medicine 1

CLASS 104 (5° YEAR)


•First place: Rayra•Second place: Lorena de Assis

•Third place: Liana TortatoStage:

•First place: Pediatrics

•Second place: APS/PQ

•Third place: GO

CLASS 103 (6° YEAR)


•First place: Rafael Otani

•Second place: Matheus Koike

•Third place: Layara LipariStage:

•First place: Psincor

•Second place: Obstetrics

•Third place: PSM