The Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP) received, on March 25, 2021, the visit of the new Minister of Health, Marcelo Antônio Cartaxo Queiroga Lopes, who came with the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro. Earlier, the Ministers attended the Insituto do Coração – InCor (Heart Institute) and the Instituto Central – IC (Central Institute) of the Hospital das Clínicas of FMUSP.

The reception at the Medical School was held in the Congregation Hall, with the presentation of Prof. Tarcisio Eloy Pessoa de Barros Filho, Director of FMUSP, and the participation of authorities, professors and a student representative.

The Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro said: "when Queiroga invited me and he said that he would come to make an appointment with FMUSP professors I accepted, because it is necessary to bring the academy closer to the government, to guide us, since you, professors and doctors, deal with everyday life".

The Director of FMUSP Prof. Tarcisio E. P. Barros Filho, delivered the Manifesto of the Titular Professors Collegiate of FMUSP to Minister Marcelo Queiroga. The document, recently released, presents suggestions and criticisms for face against the pandemic of Covid-19 and calls for the union of forces of all Brazilians for an effective and supportive response to overcome the sad current scenario.Prof. Tarcisio emphasized four points in the Manifesto: mass vaccination; the transparency of data and truthful information on the pandemic; effective social isolation measures; and the scientific basis for prescribing medicines and clinical protocols.

Marcelo Queiroga said that the first three subjects are already part of the portfolio of the Ministry of Health, for the latter, a group of specialists was created, in which Prof. Carlos Roberto Ribeiro de Carvalho, from the Cardiopneumology Department of FMUSP, was appointed coordinator, to work on the creation of clinical protocols.

Minister Marcelo Queiroga said that as a doctor, it is his job to prioritize healing, improvement and care for people. He said, "I ask for a vote of confidence from everyone, I hope it can be useful to subsidize the President of the Republic for the best way, that of public policy that prioritize health.

"In a pandemic like this, we have to join forces, competency and bring together all that is knowledge. The party has to be of science and knowledge. Queiroga demonstrated his willingness to dialogue with the academy", said Prof. Tarcisio E. P. Barros Filho, when he defined the meeting as positive.