There are 11 days of intensive learning at FMUSP and several other hospitals and institutes of the Health Quarter, with courses aimed at the 61 selected students of the Winter Schools Program of FMUSP. At the official opening, held on July 15th, the international atmosphere was already present with the diversity of faces and languages, at the Congregation Room, crowded with the presence of participators and lecturers of the 9 offered courses.

The ceremony counted on the presence of the Dean of the Universidade de São Paulo, Prof. Vahan Agopyan, besides the FMUSP director, Prof. Tarcisio Eloy Pessoa de Barros Filho, and of the AUCANI president, Valmor Tricoli, who offered their welcome to the students. Some of those who took part in the event were the Provost for Undergraduate Studies of USP, Prof. Edmund Chada Baracat, who is also a professor from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of FMUSP, the executive director of the International Relations Committee (CRInt) of FMUSP, Prof. Eduardo Moacyr Krieger, besides the CRInt President, Prof. Aluisio Augusto Cotrim Segurado.

Prof. Segurado emphasized the importance of the global vision in the education of the health professional. “Today, health is a global problem. In the face of a more dynamic world, we need professionals with complex thinking, with the competences and capability of establishing effective partnerships with professionals and researchers in the future. And since it’s not possible to promote the outgoing of each of our students to this international environment, we have created strategies to bring here this atmosphere of cultural and scientific exchange, which contribute so much for this new profile of professional.”. he said.

The president of CRInt reminded the Winter Schools Program, created to attend the strategic goals of internationalization and international visibility of FMUSP, has been reaching its objectives successfully. “Many students have returned to FMUSP to partake in other clinical programs or even to develop research relevant to their education. With the experience accumulated by the Program, we observe many students maintaining a network of connections, even after they graduate and this is very gratifying for our institution and it shows the success of the Program”, says Segurado.

The students arrived eager for innovations in the professional field and also to meet the country’s culture. Sui Weng Wong, from the University of Malaysia, says she expects to have a broader vision on how some of the health services work in Brazil and other countries.

The expectation of Sui Weng is shared by Derick Fernando, of the Kings College of London, England, who also wants to meet the health systems in Brazil, particularly the cardiology services.

“I want to see how are the services, but also I think it’s an excellent opportunity to meet new cultures and different people”, said the student Amadea Milena Mosebach, of the Universitat Hamburg, of Germany.