On June 6th, 2020, the Municipal Secretary of Health of São Paulo, Edson Aparecido dos Santos, met with Prof. Tarcisio Eloy Pessoa de Barros Filho, Director of the Medical School of the Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP), Dr. Felipe Neme de Souza, Executive Director of FMUSP, Prof. Eloisa Silva Dutra de Oliveira Bonfá, Clinical Director of Hospital das Clínicas of the FMUSP, and other professors of the Institution.

The main subjects discussed at the meeting, held by videoconference, were the current state of Covid-19 in São Paulo, the demobilization plan, and the planning of health actions in the post-pandemic. Prof. Tarcisio said: “the Unified Health System (SUS) was a great differential for São Paulo in facing the pandemic, it has strengthened itself and we have made great progress in communication with the municipal and state secretaries and other hospitals”.

The Municipal Secretary of Health, Edson Aparecido, said the flexibilization phase in São Paulo is being carefully monitored and highlighted the work of health professionals hired in the emergency period to combat Covid-19. Secretary Edson Aparecido emphasized: "we will readjust all the hired people, keep the professionals in the health system and promote a gradual and safe resumption of services in the public health system".