The Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (HCFMUSP) is leading the first study to evaluate the response to the Covid-19 vaccine in immunosuppressed patients (rheumatic diseases and people living with HIV/AIDS) to determine the immune response.

This research was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Eloisa Silva Dutra de Oliveira Bonfá, Clinical Director of HCFMUSP, and by Prof. Dr. Esper Kallas, Head of the Department of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases at FMUSP, and the first stage was completed on February 10th, 2021 with almost 2 thousand people vaccinated, being approximately 1,500 patients and 500 volunteers from the control group. 

The importance of this study is reinforced by a recent epidemiological analysis of 252,119 patients hospitalized in Brazil with Covid-19 performed by the same group, which observed that patients with lupus are 73% more likely to death than those without lupus.

The organization of the team work of more than 200 volunteers by nurse Solange Fusco and manager Priscila Tagliaferro made possible to carry out this stage in just two days with a coordinated activity that was highly praised by the people vaccinated.