Research leader who focuses on the diagnosis and rehabilitation of post-covid patients, neuropsychologist Lívia Valentin says that failures in memory or attention may be a sign of sequelae

Many patients who have had Covid-19 report signs and symptoms after recovering from the disease. An unprecedented study carried out at the Instituto do Coração (InCor) analyzed the cognitive consequences that the disease can leave in the individual. The first results point out that not only those who had the disease in the most severe form suffered with some cognitive sequelae, but also those who had milder symptoms, including the asymptomatic ones.

"Our research began in mid-March, when we hypothesized that the lack of oxygen in the brain or in the human organism could cause a great impairment in cognitive functions," details doctor Lívia Stocco Sanches Valentin, neuropsychologist at InCor of the Hospital das Clínicas, of Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP), professor at FMUSP, and researcher. 

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