The student Mariana Ferreira Madruga, graduate of the Preventive Medicine Department of the Collective Health Program of the Medical School of the Universidade de São Paulo, alongside other collaborators, have idealized the projects called #IPEnetwork, a non-profit initiative devoted to help attenuate the lack of Individual Protection Equipment (IPEs) in health institutions during the coronavirus pandemic.

This initiative is moved by the ideal of citizen participation, “we are in the middle of a highly contagious disease, and despite the difficulties and apprehensions we are all going through, we need to take care of each other by acting collectively”, declared the students Mariana Madruga.

The IPE network has the goal to establish contact between IPE donors, institutions and health professionals who need protection to safely face the COVID-19 pandemic. On the website, it’s possible to register the health institutions needing IPEs and the donors willing to help. “Just like the #IPEnetwork came from the idea of a friend and is being built by a team, the combat of the COVID-19 also needs everyone’s engagement”, said Mariana Madruga.