The Universidade de São Paulo was founded in 1934, after Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932, as an expression of a civilizing and avant-garde project of the State of São Paulo, through investment in teaching, science and technology. 

From this moment on, the Universidade de São Paulo assumes a strategic role for the development not only state, but also national and international, providing quality teaching, research and extension, forming leaders for the country and serving as a reference in all areas of knowledge. Several difficulties were faced over time, but none of them prevented USP from continuing on its path independently. However, at the time, a gloomy scenario for science in São Paulo is seen as a result of what has been proposed in PL 529 bill, currently discussed as an emergency procedure in ALESP (São Paulo State Legislative Assembly). 

In Article 14, PL 529 provides that at the end of each year any remaining balance from the current accounting year is returned to the State, making it impossible irreparably the ability of São Paulo universities and FAPESP to develop and implement any projects other than those very short-term. It sets up, thus, an unprecedented threat of interference to USP autonomy to plan their medium and long-term strategies, with losses not only for our academic community but for the whole of society.

Therefore, in the Noblel Hall of Faculdade de Medicina da USP Congregation, the same place where the first meetings of the USP University Council were held from February 17th, 1934, the FMUSP Congregation approved the publication of this manifest that alerts to the risks arising from Article 14 of PL 529. We are fully convinced that such a project, if approved, will cause serious and irreparable damage to São Paulo universities, to FAPESP and, consequently, to São Paulo city and to Brazilian science as a whole.

São Paulo, August 28th, 2020.