The Special Project HC and Covid-19, with all the information related to the new coronavirus is available to access in channel gathers and disseminates institutional information related to the actions of the Hospital das Clínicas of the Medical School of the Universidade de São Paulo (HCFMUSP) of combat to the pandemic of Covid-19 and other relevant contents such as scientific news, articles, care tips and courses.

The coordination of the project is done by the Technical and Scientifical Humanization Center (NTH) – which is part of the Care for All Program, along with the Head of Office of the Superintendency and the HCFMUSP Institutional Communication Center, besides counting on the support of volunteers and students of the Medical School of USP.

The HCFMUSP is a reference in health care, humanization and the production of scientific knowledge of relevant value to the society. Beyond this important role, “we understand, in this moment, it is also part of its commitment to society to offer quality information on the pandemic, sharing more than knowledge, experience and expressions to the care of all. Let this channel inform and inspire people for the strength which come from diligent study, hard work and indispensable solidarity of all in search for everyone’s well-being”, states Prof. Izabel Rios, from the Legal Medicine, Medical Ethics, Social and Occupational Medicine Department and Coordinator of the NTH.