The Public Health Collaborative Course Harvard-Brazil promoted for the students a technical visit to the Basic Health Units (UBS), of the Einstein Program at the Paraisópolis Community, on January 10th. They met the infrastructure (reception, offices for the doctors, psychologists and dentists, vaccination room, pharmacy, etc.), watched a presentation with general data on the unity and had the opportunity to talk with professionals who act at the UBS, such as doctors, nurses, dentists, administrative technicians, community health agents and psychologists.

Dr. Smith Chitre, students of the Harvard University, has declared: “I think it is amazing there is a health system in Brazil that focuses on people and their lives. In the United States, health is not yet a human right, you either have money to pay for treatment or you end up without it”. Dr. Smith completed: “the health and education programs in Brazil seem to be good and people are supportive. I’m hopeful for the improvement of the country”.

In this 2020 edition, the course is held at the Medical School of the Universidade de São Paulo and counts on the participation of 15 Harvard students and 15 Brazilian students of graduation in health. Prof. Maria Castro, coordinator of the Public Health Collaborative Course Harvard-Brazil and Head of the Global Health and Population Department of the Harvard University, has said: “the idea is to give the students an experience in the practical field of family health, integrated assistance and primary care – within the Unified Health System (SUS)”.