The article “Who and where are the graduated from the Medical School of the Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP)?” was published in the CLINICS journal, September edition. It is the first result of the ELMU – Longitudinal Study of FMUSP Graduated Doctors, which is an unfolding of another important study, the Medical Demography in Brazil, coordinated for over 10 years by Prof. Mário Scheffer, of the Preventive Medicine Department.

The study revealed profile data of the graduated from FMUSP since its foundation up to 2015, analyzing over 7 thousand doctors. Most graduated are men, who already lived in the city of São Paulo and, after graduating, although still concentrated in São Paulo, have presented a tendency to move to other States. On the other hand, those who are originally from other Sates, generally, remain in São Paulo’s working market.

Besides, the research shows the number of women have been increasing and FMUSP have been forming more women specialists, compering to the national average. In the analyzes of one of the research authors, Gustavo Rosa Gameiro, a student of the 6th year of the medical course, the Institution’s privilege of having the Hospital das Clínicas, a reference care center, contributes to this outcome.

Gustavo Gameiro reported having learned a lot about statistics, handling data and managing a research. “We have few initiatives such as this one, therefore, I think it’s very interesting to get to know the profile of the doctors from the college I’m in and, from the collected information, be able to create hypotheses to explain facts and even being a starting point for other inquiries”, says Gustavo.

The following have also collaborated to the development of the study: the residents Leonardo Kenji Sakaue Koyama and Ana Luisa Ito Baptista da Cruz, the epidemiologist Aline Gil Alves Guilloux, the epidemiologist and statistician Alex Jones Flores Cassenote, and Prof. Aluisio Augusto Cotrim Segurado, from the Infectious Diseases Department.

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