The closing ceremony of the fifth edition of the FMUSP Winter Schools program has occurred on July 26th, at the Surgical Technique Amphitheater. The following authorities composed the table of honor: Prof. Yassuhiko Okay, Head of Office of the Director’s Board of FMUSP, Prof. Milton de Arruda Martins, President of the Graduation Committee of FMUSP, besides Prof. Eduardo Moacyr Krieger, Executive Director of the International Relations Committee of FMUSP (CRInt), Prof. Aluisio Augusto Cotrim Segurado, President of CRInt, and Prof. Valeria Aoki, Vice-President of CRInt.

During the ceremony, videos with statements of some of the students and professors of this edition were presented, regarding the different academic and cultural experiences, enables by the Winter Schools. The videos can be accessed through the link.

The interchange students have elected two representatives, Christina Saint Clair and Hassan Bashir, for a final tribute. They have thanked their colleagues and professors who were part of the program and recalled some of their moments of growth, shared by all. “We have become aware of our individual stile as medical professionals, and I can see my colleagues fine tuning their moral standards, their abilities to empathize and their resilience in the face of an ever complex system”, said Hassan.