General Information

The School of Medicine of USP, in partnership with the Hospital das Clínicas (HC), develops scientific research and standardizes new techniques and diagnostic methods, enabling their implementation in the care of patients in the HC units. The training of researchers, students and health professionals, the realization of courses and the development of research are activities attributed to the 62 Medical Investigation Laboratories (LIM's), spread across the whole academic complex (Hospital das clínicas, Central FMUSP Building and Institute of Tropical Medicine).

There are different sources of funding, international and national, such as: external agencies – FAPESP, USP, HC, FFM and industry sectors.

The Labs are all organized following the logic of a wide network:

•Overall management (“Executive Director” – DIREX-LIM);

•Communication / opportunities / feedback;

•Collaboration between research groups;

•Sharing of equipment / Provision of specialized research services;

•Top-down initiatives.