During the Congregation meeting on December 13th, representatives of the Oswaldo Cruz Academic Center (CAOC) payed their tribute to the preceptors and internships, represented by professors of the programs. The preceptors were part of every class’s course of 2019 and contributed to the learning and the formation of the students. The honored have received the V Ernesto de Souza Campos Award.

Besides the thankfulness of the students towards their professors, coordinators and residents, the directory board of FMUSP has honored the student Matheus Belloni Torsani, with a recognition diploma for his institutional engagement and for representing his peers during graduation.

According to Matheus, “the award was a great surprise. Afterwards, I heard some of my colleagues approached Prof. Tarcisio E. P. de Barros Filho, the FMUSP director, and Prof. Milton de Arruda Martins, the Graduation coordinator, to grant me an unprecedented diploma in the recent history of FMUSP. I was a student representative (RD) since my second year, I have acted at the Congregation, at the Graduation Committee, at the Obstetrics Department Board, I was RD for COREME (medical residency) and for the Internship Committee. Therefore, my academic life ended up being really varied up until my sixth year. I was very honored by the award”.

According to the voting of the students, the list of awarded is as it follows:

Class 107:

1st place - Fernanda Ortis

2nd place - Alfredo Jácomo

3rd place - Patricia Castelucci

Class 106:

1st place: Marisa Dolhnikoff

2nd place: Alfredo Jácomo

3rd place: Adérson Omar Mourão Cintra Damião

Class 105:

1st place: Eduardo Genaro Mutarelli

2nd place: Gilvan Vinícius de Azevedo Maia

3rd place: Marcello Magri

Class 104:

1st place: Ana Cristina Aoun Tannuri

2nd place: Lisete Teixeira

3rd place: Ingrid Schwach Werneck Britto

Class 103 (Internships):

1st place: Obstetrics and Gynecology

2nd place: Pediatrics

3rd place: Primary Health Care

Class 103 (Preceptors):

1st place: Bruna Paccola Blanco

2nd place: Diego Campos González

3rd place: Bárbara Labella Henriques

Class 102 (Internships):

1st place: Medical Clinic First Aid

2nd place: Surgical Clinic First Aid

3rd place: Hospital Internship in Cardiology First Aid

Class 102 (Preceptors):

1st place: Vitor Ramos

2nd place: Fabio Cabar

3rd place: Francini Oliveira