The Ombudsman has as main attribution to hold a qualified hearing for the members of the community, such as collaborators, students, researchers, professors, residents and outsourced employees, also for the external public, who present questions related to the day-to-day at FMUSP. This mediation instance is directly linked to the School’s Board of Directors and plays the part of interlocutor by receiving, analyzing and forwarding expressions such as compliments, complaints, reports and unsolved solicitations by the regular attendance channels.

Coordinated by Alice Abi-Eçab, the Ombudsman is located at the 2º floor of FMUSP’s Main Building, in Room 2340 and can be accessed by the phone number +55 011 3061 8744 or e-mail for information and appointments. To file your manifestation and know more details about the work developed by the Ombudsman, access