Created in 2017, the Student Support Center began to promote the interaction of services, such as the Student Psychological Care Service (GRAPAL) and the Pedagogical Support Service, and programs such as the Mentoring, which already existed at FMUSP and to create new spaces to amplify its institutional acting in the offering of support for the graduation students. The master line of NAE is the integral look to the student, in a way of providing more results to institutional actions.

The NAE is responsible for supporting the socioeconomic, academic-pedagogic, mental health and health promoting needs of the graduation students. It holds programs and continuing actions of monitoring and answering to this demand and plays the part of institutional interlocutor, along the FMUSP leaders in order to assure the necessary resources for its actions.

The Center is composed by professors, members of the Graduation Committee of FMUSP, besides the professionals of the services and programs of student support. It has as general coordinators Prof. Dr. Sandra Grisi and Prof. Dr. Beatriz Tess, who can be contacted by the e-mail

The organizational structure of NAE is located at the 2nd floor of FMUSP’s main building, in Room 2340 (the corridor in front of the library). It works from Mondays to Fridays, from 8h to 16h, and can be contacted by the telephone +55 011 3061 8744  or e-mail

The organizational structure of the Center includes the General Coordination and four thematic Coordination Centers (Social Coordination, Mental Health Care Coordination, Health Promotion Coordination and Academic Coordination), the three services (Integrated Support Service, Social Service and Psychological Assistance to the Student Service), and two programs (Prevention and Promotion of Mental Health and Academic Tutoring)

Students, professors, technical and administrative staff, as well as any other from the FMUSP Community can look for the NAE by directly contacting the management centers, services or programs. The search for help in vulnerability situations in Mental Health, socioeconomic or difficulties in academic performance is the main motivation for the contacts with the professional team which composes the NAE. However, every need related to FMUSP’s graduation students can and must be a reason to make contact with the Center.